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    About NBE

Nepal Bayern Electric (NBE) is an electronic component manufacturing company specialised in making small transformers requiring high labour content. It is located in Patan Dhoka, Kathmandu, Nepal.NBE was established in 1993 in a veritable garage and two floors above it in a rural location in Kathmandu valley.

NBE is specialised mostly in contract manufacturing. It has been assisting its customers in the design stage with various inputs in PQS (Production Qualifying System) and pre-production samples. It is a solely customer driven contractor: what the customers ask it to do, it does it in the quickest possible time and in the lowest cost possible.

NBE is engaged mostly in making high frequency (up to 3 Ghz ) double aperture balun transformers that are very labour intensive and which are entirely exported to Europe and North America. At present the capacity is 250,000 units of hand wound components per week.