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    History & Milestones
  • Company registered and established.
  • First engineer trained at customer's factory in Germany.

16 May 1993

  •    Our First Home 1993
    Company came into operation with 16 operators, 1 engineer, General Manager and one accountant at Harishiddi village amidst rice fields in a rural setting on the outskirts of Kathmandu-Lalitpur city The physical facility was a garage cum former carpet weaving structure.
  • Started producing RM transformers under the most rudimentary conditions.
  • Expanded number of operators to 32.
  • Started to slowly move total production unit to the former Hotel Oasis in Patan Dhoka Kathmandu by demolishing guest rooms, squash courts and billiards rooms and making them into production floors.
  • By the year end workforce increased to approximately 250 operators
  • Balun transformers rapidly replaces all other type of transformers.
  • First customer quality audit and introduction to quality management systems
  • First new additional customer.
  • Production of new type of units.
  • Training in Ireland for engineers.
  • Foundation ceremony for new NBE building.
  • Construction starts for the new 5000 m2 building.
  • Building construction continues rapidly.
  • Some production units start to move into completed floors.
  • All production units move into the new building.
  • Building completed with climate control, stand by 550 KVa generator for electrical backup and own source of water complete with treatment plant.
  • Total operators at 550 by the end of the year overseen by 6 engineers and 7 supervisors.
  • Start preparing for quality and environment audits.
  • Successfully complete the quality (ISO 9002) and environment (ISO 14001) audits
  • Slowdown in global economy. By the year end only 120 operators remain.
  • First automotive clients
  • First automatic measuring machine installed increasing the testing output by many times for automotive clients.
  • Pickup in orders and recall of retrenched operators in batches.
  • All retrenched operators recalled. Workforce reaches 400.
  • Workforce crosses 500 plus mark.
  • New project initiated with new customers involving higher levels of skills necessitating NBE moving up the food chain.
  • Successful change over from ISO 9002 to ISO 9001: 2000 and continued certification for ISO 14001: 1996.
  • Sample production and approval of new products with new customer.
  • Engineers to Europe for training for new projects.
  • Installation of Siemens pick and place machines for new projects.
  • Start of component mounting and delivery of first finished products to customer.
  • Installation of new automatic measuring machine with Agilent vector analyser and Mitsubishi robots for testing with minimum human intervention.
  • Customer inspection of the new project setup and start of mass production of mounted and tested electronic components.
  • Successful change over from ISO 14001: 1996 to ISO 14001: 2004 and continued certification for ISO 9001: 2000.
  • New robotised automatic testing machine fully functional.
  • Ramp upped production of baluns from 100,000 pieces to 150,000 pieces in 3 weeks.
  • Direct delivery of automotive baluns to the end customers for the first time.
  • Established a small R&D department equipped with Agilent analyzer E5062A and HP4284A LCR meter to provide feedback to the customer in developing new products and improve existing products.
  • Ability to print bar code labels with AS5 server located at customer's site in Germany.
  • On line fixing of problems and/or identifying defect directly in automatic measuring equipment and hardware by experts stationed in Europe.
  • New robotised automatic testing machine operational 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Successfully re-certified for ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2000.
  • Training on disaster management by Japanese expert from Disaster Management Planning Office Kobe City - Hyogo Office and Disaster Recovery Planning process initiated.