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There is an increasing trend in the use of digital technology and miniaturisation specially in telecommunications allowing for higher data, speech, text and image transmissions. NBE manufactures top quality assemblies and components as per customers' designs, manuals and requests. In line with customer specifications here are some examples of what NBE has made.

  • Balun transformers of up to 3 GHz for mobile communications, power splitters, mixers and directional couplers applications.
  • ISDN / HDSL interface transformers for high speed data transfer applications in core size RM4 up to RM14, E13, E6.3 and so on.
  • DC/DC converters in sizes E6.3, ER11/5 and RM 4 for low power DC/DC converter. The general purpose design allows also other applications like driving power semi conductors or signal transformers.
  • Toroidals for different applications.

In the last few years we have mostly been working in the production of balun transformers for our customers in Europe. As per our customer's needs we have also done pin inserting works. We have good level of expertise in hand and machine winding of small and precise pieces in SMD techniques in our operations. We also work with our customers in PQS (Production Qualifying System), pre-production samples and design. Some of the application areas of the products made by us for our customers are

  • RF applications in automobiles
  • Telecom networks including satellite communication
  • Cable TV network including internet cable modem
  • Broadband communication
  • Antennas for various purposes
  • Mobile communication (GSM, DECT, PCS, and wireless lan)
  • Video modulators, mixtures and up-down converters