Manufacturing of RF passive devices

Our core competence- the production of the RF passive devices which comprises of RF balun transformers, power splitters, directional couplers, mixers, Toroidal coil inductors, air core core coils with highest quality level. With the tremendous growth in the electronics, automotive and solar industries, the demand for the high grade of RF devices are ever increasing.

Be it in the use to interface for unbalanced signal to balanced transmission lines for the long distance communications, or the antenna systems, CATV satellite set up box, cable modem, the applications and fields, if you are looking for the suppliers or partners who deliver at excellent quality products with competitive price, we are the one. With an experience of over quarter of century in the field and having worked for many industry leaders for years, we ensure our customers the best quality and cost effective solutions.

The advantage for our customers lies in the market-driven price-performance ratio, which we achieve by means of the cost-effective combination of difficult manual work in conjunction with semi-automatic and fully automatic installation stations and automated testing and packaging of parts.

We use state of an art German technology for our entire production and the processes. As per the customers need and expectations, we can always modify and make necessary alignments.

NBE advantage is not only its own competence but also the core competence of its parent company WUST technology in Germany which in itself is a market leader in some of these segments. This unique partnership makes us even more competitive in terms of shared knowledge and higher expertise.

Our Services

  • SMD or no SMD assembly
  • Winding with wire to generate inductors
  • Soldering hand or dip depending upon the type
  • Cappings and Wire positionings
  • High Frequency electrical measuring with protocols
  • Final Inspection
  • Packing in the reels as per the customer requirement
  • Delivery