Multimedia Outlets

Multimedia outlets are the network of the future for the Cable TV. The latest designs and the fully updated platform will save time and money in the future, bringing the cutting edge electrical performance to the customers.

We are manufacturing multimedia wall outlets for various high end customers in Europe for more than a decade. We use the state of art German technology comprising of Siemens Siplace machine for the pick and place process of the components and semi automatic measuring machine with Mitsubishi robots and controllers for the measuring. All the processes, quality are guided by the customer’s standards and requirements.We use Anritsu 54111A network analyzer together with Agilent 87075C multiport test set test for measuring the complex transmission and reflection characteristics of devices in the frequency domain.

We always believe that the combination of difficult manual work in conjunction with semi automatic process and automated testing of the product, a perfect combination to acquire the most efficient results is the basis of the precision and the cost effective manufacturing. We operate personnel for the Through Hole Technology ( THT ) and automatic machines for the Surface mounted technology ( SMT ).

The vast knowledge and experience gained by working with the experts in the field many years and solving problems with them in designing and development has helped us to qualify as a competitive partner for our customers. We assist our customers in providing tangible feedbacks about the design and work in the continuous loop for the overall satisfaction. We also print, produce bar codes and other labeling for our customers as per their needs.

Our Services

  • Ferrite and substrate assembly
  • Winding with wire to generate inductors
  • Soldering hand or dip depending upon the type
  • Wire positioning
  • High Frequency electrical measuring with protocols
  • Casings
  •  Accessories assembly
  • Printing
  • Final Inspection
  • Packaging and delivery as per the customer requirement