Printed Circuit Board assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Together with the RF devices, we are in the PCB assembly business for more than a decade. We are offering services for our high end customers in Europe with our state of art technology from Germany. We are best designed as the personnel-intensive manual work and automated assembly processes for customer-specific printed circuit boards for automotive industries and communication sectors.

On one hand, NBE is the specialists in responsible manual assembly according to specified customer layouts and, on the other hand, we have installed fully automatic assembly machines and state-of-the-art testing systems with fully automatic broadband measurement and can thereby guarantee German standards at market-driven prices.
Combined with the competency of our parent company WUST technology in the field of the injection molding and component assembly, we offer specialties that combine manual and automated assembly in small to medium series in a manner that is both efficient and cost-effective.

Our Services

  • Pick and place of SMT
  • Assembly of THT
  • Inspections
  • High Frequency electrical measuring with protocols
  • Accessories assembly
  • Final Inspection
  • Packaging and delivery as per the customer requirement