Why NBE The Electronics Manufacturing Competence

Quality, precision, timely delivery and a competitive price. These are the four pillars of NBE. We are - for our customers - a full-service provider and reliable supplier for RF passive devices, partially and completely assembled parts, multimedia outlets as well as for efficient printed circuit board assembly whose applications can range from communication to the automotive sectors.


Manufacturing of RF passive

Our core competence- the production of the RF passive devices which comprises of RF balun transformers, power splitters, directional couplers..


Multimedia outlets

Multimedia outlets are the network of the future for the Cable TV. The latest designs and the fully updated platform will save..


Printed Circuit board assembly

Together with the RF devices, we are in the PCB assembly business for more than a decade. We are offering services for our high end customers in Europe with ourstate


Manual and machine windings

The precision manual windings and the machine windings has been the competency for NBE for a long time.


Visual and electrical inspection

If need be, NBE also offers the visual inspection and electrical inspection for the PCB sub assemblies.


Pre-production samples and design for customers

NBE has been continuously working in design side with the customers. The experience it has
gained during all these years has been helpful for the customers..